Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Could Be The Perfect Career For You

By Adriana Noton

Many people today are facing unemployment or the threat of a job loss. If you are searching for a profession that will give you more stability in your life, you might consider nursing. There are many types of nursing to choose from, and one you might consider is nurse practitioner.

The role of a nurse practitioner is not the same as other types of nursing. The nurse practitioner is involved in many levels that others are not. A masters degree or even higher is required, but along with more education, the nurse practitioner has the opportunity to participate more in the care process.

A nurse practitioner can not only diagnose, but also treat most illnesses. This is a big difference in the field of nursing. Other nursing positions are heavily dependent on the instructions of a doctor, but that is not the case with a nurse practitioner. Those decisions are the responsibility of the nurse practitioner and they work hard to provide the care a patient needs individually.

In the United States, nurse practitioners must be licensed by the state they will practice in. Once they receive the license from the state, they can apply for licensing at a national level. The national certification allows them to be recognized in a number of specific areas of medicine that they have received training in.

The practice of a nurse practitioner can be different from community to community. In some states they will be able to work independently. Other communities, however, require the nurse practitioner to be teamed up with a doctor who is licensed.

Nurse practitioners are, in essence, working as the attending physician for many patients. They diagnose illnesses, decide on the care that is necessary and manage the treatment. They are also able to prescribe any medication or any physical therapy the patient might need. In this respect, their job is very different than most nurses working today.

Being a nurse practitioner allows for a more independent career. Many working in the field have their own practices. Along with the added capabilities they are allowed, they also shoulder more responsibility than other nurses. The care of patients is in their hands, and that calls for proper diagnosis and treatment, just as it would if a doctor is managing the care of a patient.

Nancy was laid off from a job at a mortgage company. It was the third time it had happened in her career. It was almost like a blessing in disguise because the job had lost the challenge she once felt. Faced with a declining job market, Nancy decided to go back to school and become a nurse practitioner. She has now opened her own private practice and has never been happier in her life. She loves the daily interaction with patients and feels like she is making a difference in the lives of other.

Rewards received in the career of a nurse practitioner cannot be counted. If you want something that is equally rewarding and challenging, considering a career as a nurse practitioner could be right up your alley. - 30436

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