3 Name Brand Name Shoe Makers Create Stylish Nursing Shoes That Work

By Seane C. Hess

Whenever I used to think of nursing shoes, I'd get a mental picture of Nurse Ratched. This infamous film personality has added to the sullied reputation attached to nursing shoes. While these shoes are comfortable, and will last for all eternity, they are always one of the most minging pair of brogues on the market. For a shoe that lacks style, they are one of the most expensive shoe styles on the market. A few years back, nurses everywhere started to rejoice when the 1st fashionable nurse clogs were released. Since this time, more shoe manufacturers have added different styles to their collection.

Dansko is famous for producing shoes that represent comfort. Wearing two their Dansko shoes feels like you are walking on air. They manufacture a large collection of occupational footwear designed in styles that are made to flatter. Their shoes are provided with contoured footbeds that distribute your weight uniformly each time you lift your foot. This technique provides comfort that last all day long. Dansko occupational shoes outsoles have the seal of approval from the APMA ( Yank Podiatric Associations ) and have been tried by SATRA. Style groups include:

- Acodia - Golden Gate - Cambridge - Stapled clog

Nurse Mates manufactures a few different styles that have become best sellers. Most of their stylish nursing shoes have a chiseled heel made out of premium soft leather. The outsole is created out of Beveled Comfort Flex polyurethane. The uppers are made out of Tumbled Floater leather that for a stain resistant finish. The Pillow Top insole includes moisture managing DRYZ technology. Each style comes in three different colors.

- Josie - this refined design is done in a style that's acceptable for any boardroom.

- Joy - is the clog that may add sophistication to your work day. This sling back style will cause you to feel like you are on your way out to dinner, not on the way to work.

- Langdon - with its western provoked motif, you may feel more like hitting the range than going to work. They have integrated unique and contemporary technology to provide final comfort.

Rocket has come up with a style named Peace. This shoe was engineered to excite the vamp in you. The design includes 2 straps that crisscross overboard of the foot. The molded outsole has a slight heel to add to their style. The only is created out of a flexible and sturdy rubber. The higher part of the shoe is made out of soft leather, while the inner shoe contains a moisture soaking up lining. - 30436

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