Tips For Personalizing Your Nursing Uniforms

By Adriana Noton

For people who enjoy expressing themselves through fashion, it can feel very stifling to have to wear a uniform for work. Just as children often feel that school uniforms prevent them from showing their individuality, adults who have to wear uniforms in the workplace can feel the same way. Although some uniforms, such as those of police or security personnel, are more difficult to adapt, there are many ways to adapt nursing uniforms, or scrubs, so that they are more unique and able to express the essence of who you are. Here are some things to consider that can help you have more fun when choosing your uniforms.

Play With Color

Color has such a huge affect on our moods. I find that when I am wearing brighter colors, I feel more energetic and positive. When people think of scrubs, they often think of the traditional white or green colors, but they are available in all kinds of hues. Choose bolder colors, that flatter you and that match your natural coloring. You may be surprised what a difference it makes when you see yourself in the mirror.

Find Patterns

You can also find scrubs printed with many different patterns. You could find a floral design that you like, or a set of scrubs printed with a favorite character. If you are a pediatric nurse, it could be fun to choose a character that is currently popular with children. Seeing a beloved character printed on your uniform might brighten a child's day or help to establish trust between nurse and patient. It can also serve as stimulus for conversation among patients, family and coworkers.

Make Sure They Fit Well

A mistake that people often make with uniforms is being too lax with the cut and the fit. Just because you are wearing a uniform, there is no need to look like you are dressed in a sack. You definitely want your scrubs to fit comfortably, but you don't want them to be so big that you end up looking frumpy. Although a uniform is functional, it should still flatter your figure. Look for a cinched waist, or perhaps a tapered leg. These kind of features can help your uniform feel more like real clothes.

Mix and Match

Try wearing a t-shirt of a complimentary color underneath your scrub jacket, or if you are feeling especially bold, mix and match the whole outfit, wearing a different color top and pants.

Wear Accessories

Some scrubs come with built in accessory-like features, such as embroidered pockets or colored waistbands. You can also use makeup and jewelry to play off of your outfit. Wear an eye shadow or lipstick shade that matches a subtle color in your outfit. Although you don't want to wear clunky jewelry that will get in the way of your work, you can choose smaller accessories. If you have blue in your outfit, find some blue studs to wear in your ears to make the color pop. You could also pin a brooch on your collar.

A uniform does not have to crush your individuality. With a bit of work and planning, your scrubs can absolutely reflect your personal style, and getting dressed can still be a fun, creative activity. - 30436

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