All About Registered Nurses Jobs

By Adriana Noton

If you enjoy working with people and helping meet their physical needs, registered nurses jobs may be for you. Nurses work alongside of doctors, taking care of their patients. They provide emotional support for them and their families, they record medical information on their charts and do a myriad of other things depending on the specific job that they have.

Statistics show that between the years of 2006 and 2016, rn jobs will increase by 23 percent. That is faster than the growing rate for other types of occupations. Every day the need is growing for more registered nurses in health care fields.

You can become a registered nurse by one of three ways. Most colleges and universities offer a 4 year program, ending in a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Nurses with these degrees work in administrative nursing jobs and other leadership positions. They earn the highest amount of money. Community and Junior colleges offer two to three programs for registered nurses. There are still a few hospitals across the United States that offer three year registered nursing degrees.

Once a person becomes a registered nurse, the field of nursing is wide open to them. They have the opportunity to work in places like hospitals, schools, camps, military hospitals around the world and nursing homes. These are just a few of the opportunities that are open to registered nurses.

According to government statistics, the average salary for registered nurses is between $60,000 and $65,000 a year. The average hourly salary is $30. 00. There are nursing jobs that pay as much as $95,000 yearly, while others pay less than $40,000. These salaries depend on the amount of schooling the person has and the type of health field they are working in.

Although nurses can work in a wide variety of health jobs, there are three areas that hire the most registered nurses. Interestingly enough hospitals are not one of them. Thirty-nine percent of all registered nurses work in doctor's offices.

Jobs in physician offices are the most desired jobs by RNs. The reason is because they only work days and only 8 hour shifts. They are off on weekends and holidays. For the most part these jobs aren't as stressful as other nursing jobs. However, they usually offer lower starting pay than nursing jobs in hospitals.

Jobs in home care nursing hire the same amount of nurses as doctor's jobs offices. The advantages aren't as many in this type of job. Schedules can include night shifts, weekends and holidays. RNs work directly with the patients in their homes. They must be able to work independently. This job may include a considerable amount of driving.

The other area that offers the most jobs for registered nurses is outpatient care facilities. The nurses in these places give care to patients who are not hospitalized. Some outpatient facilities specialize in certain areas of health such as post surgery. It is a place where patients can continue to receive the care they need without being hospitalized.

Registered nurses jobs are the most varied of any profession. There are myriads of different types of jobs that a registered nurse is qualified to work at. They are the fastest growing group of professionals within the health field. - 30436

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