Taking A Look At Registered Nurses Jobs

By Adriana Noton

Are you the type of person that loves being with people and that enjoys helping them with their physical needs? If so, registered nurses jobs may be something you would enjoy. Nurses have the special privilege of working with doctors and caring for their patients. They, also, play a big role in the lives of the family members by giving them emotional support.

Government officials are predicting that there will be a 23 percent increase in nursing jobs between 2006 and 2016. There isn't any other type of occupation that is growing that fast. Every day the American population grows older, and the need for registered nurses increases.

If you want to become a registered nurse you will have to choose how long you want to go to school and set your nursing goals. You can choose between 2 to 4 year nursing programs. Depending on the number of years you want to study, you can choose between a university, community college or hospital. Getting into a hospital program is more difficult because there are only a few hospitals left that actually teach nursing.

The area of nursing is a tremendous opportunity for registered nurses. There are many different places they can work, like schools, camps, doctor's offices, schools or in military hospitals. There are a wide selection of jobs they can choose from within each of these places.

Government statistics tell us that for 2008 registered nurses made between $35,000 and $95,000, depending on the health field they worked in, how much schooling they had and whether or not they were specialized in a certain field. The average yearly salary was between $60,000 and $65,000.

The variety of health jobs that are available to registered nurses is almost unlimited, but there are three areas that are hiring more registered nurses than the other areas of nursing. Although most people would guess that number one is hospitals, it isn't. Doctor's offices hire 39 percent of all nurses.

Most registered nurses prefer to work in doctor's offices. The reason they are so popular is because they only work a normal eight hour work day. They can live a much more normal type of life. They don't have to work nights, holidays or weekends. Even though their starting salary is lower than that of a hospital, RNs prefer the better working schedule to more money.

The next most popular job among nurses is in home care nursing. Even though the nurses may be required to drive long distances between patient visits, they like these jobs because they can work independently, and they have a more personal relationship with the patients under their care. The disadvantage is they may have to work nights, weekends and holidays.

The final area that hires the most registered nurses is outpatient care facilities. This is where patients come when they still need specialized care, but they don't require hospitalization. These facilities may specialize in a certain health area, or they may be just for children or older people. Dialysis outpatient clinics would be one example.

The advantage of becoming a registered nurse is the wide variety of jobs that are available. There are so many registered nurses jobs that you can choose to work in just about any area you are interested in. Nursing professionals are the fastest growing group of health professionals. - 30436

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