Are Registered Nurses Jobs For You?

By Adriana Noton

Registered nurses are people that enjoy helping others in many different ways with their medical needs. They work as a team with the patient's doctors, while at the same time helping their families emotionally. It is their responsibility to record the patient's medical information, and do a number of other things that their specific registered nurses jobs require.

From 2006 through 2016, there will be a 23 percent growth in nursing jobs, according to statistics. There isn't any other occupation with that high of growth rate. The need for more registered nurses grows daily.

There are three different ways to become a registered nurse. There are courses taking two to four years to complete, depending on where you study. The longest course is offered by colleges or universities. The shortest course is offered by Community or Junior colleges. Both hospitals and Community colleges offer courses for three years. Most wages are determined by the amount of time a nurse has studied. Four year courses allow nurses to work in administrative positions.

There is a wide open field of nursing jobs available for registered nurses. They can work in jobs in outpatient clinics, doctor's offices, home care, in large corporations, in health departments and as travel nurses. There are many different types of jobs that registered nurses can choose from.

Government statistics show that the yearly average salary for RNs is $63,000. They make $30. 00 an hour. A registered nurse can find jobs with yearly salaries of less than $40,000 on up to $95,000. The difference in salaries depends on the amount of schooling, any specialization they might have and what kind of job it is.

There are three main types of health areas where the majority of nurses work. Most people would guess that hospitals are one, but they aren't. Nearly 40 percent of the registered nurses have jobs in doctor's offices.

Registered nurses prefer jobs in private doctor's offices. They like working 8 hour shifts during the day. They never have to work at night or on weekends or holidays. These jobs are the most relaxing jobs in the nursing field. As a result the starting salary is usually less than those in hospitals.

The second area is in home care nursing. They hire as many nurses as doctor's offices do. This area is more difficult because the nurses work days, nights, weekends and holidays. These registered nurses have to be able to work by themselves and be dependable. In home care nursing, the nurses work with the patients in their own homes. They may have to drive considerable distances.

The third area that provides a large number of registered nursing jobs is outpatient care facilities. Outpatient care deals with patients who don't need to be hospitalized, but that need medical attention. Some of these facilities deal with just certain kinds of health problems such as dialysis or surgery. They provide the care a patient needs without him requiring hospitalization.

Registered nurses jobs are different from the jobs in other professions. They provide a wide variety of areas a nurse can choose from. Nurses can, also, choose to specialize in many different areas. In the health field, the registered nurse profession is growing faster than any other health profession. - 30436

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